Clay Target Shooting

The fourth of the 2019 Northland Secondary Schools clay target shooting competition was held at the Northern Wairoa Gun Club on Wednesday, July 31.

1st: Whangārei Boys' High School - Team 1 393/475
Team members: Ethan Hare, Jake Child, Jacob Kennedy, Reuben King, William Hamlin

2nd: Tauraroa Area School team 1 - 389/475
Team Members: Skye Martinac, Toby Lincoln, Jatarla Absolum, Zion O'Leary, Max Woolhouse


3rd: Whangārei Boys' High School team 2 - 356/475
Team members: Cole Towgood, Hayden Agnew, Ollie Walker-Child, Ethan Little, Mac Rivers

HOA (High over all) boy: Liam Hardy (Kamo High School) 88/95
HOA girl: Keely McCollum: (Tauraroa Area School) 82/95

Points Score Open

1st: Cole Towgood (Whangārei Boys' High School)
2nd: Liam Hardy (KHS)
3rd: Jatarla Absolum (Tauraroa Area School)

Single Barrel Boys:

1st: Liam Hardy (Kamo High School)
2nd: Ethan Hare (Whangārei Boys' High School)
3rd: Blake Watkins (HC)

Northland's keen shooters will be on show at the end of August in the next round. Photo / Supplied
Northland's keen shooters will be on show at the end of August in the next round. Photo / Supplied

Single Barrel Girls:

1st: Emma Johnstone (Tauraroa Area School)
2nd: Keely McCollum (Tauraroa Area School)
3rd: Jatarla Absolum (Tauraroa Area School)



1st: Max Woolhouse (Tauraroa Area School)
2nd: Nick Byles (HC)
3rd: Jacob Kennedy (Whangārei Boys' High School)/Skye Martinac (Tauraroa Area School)

1st Pairs: Tauraroa Area School - Max Woolhouse, Toby Lincoln
2nd Pairs: Huanui College - Nick Byles, Blake Watkins
3rd Pairs: Whangārei Boys High School - Jacob Kennedy, William Hamlin


Results from the Northland Gymnastic Championships on August 10 at the Trigg Sports Arena hosted by the Whangārei Academy of Gymnastics

Club abbreviations: KAI-Kaitaia, KK-Kerikeri, BOI-Bay of Islands, FG-Fantastic Gymnastics, MAH-Mahurangi, HWK-Howick Gymnastics, WAGs–Whangārei Academy of Gymnastics.


Step 1

Division 1: 1st Sophie Hawkes (FG), 2nd Belle Engel (KK), 3rd Taylor Sullivan (MAH)

Division 2: 1st Poppy Sharp (KAI), 2nd Tuva-Lisa Hewitt (KAI), 3rd Caitlyn Wilkin (MAH)

Step 2

Division 1: 1st Jayde Maunder (FG) 2nd Ella Noble (FG) 3rd Bella Postlewaight (WAGS)

Division 2: 1st Ella Ward (WAGs) 2nd Eva Haag (FG) , 3rd Mia Baltus (FG)

Step 3

Division 1: 1st Madison Stokes (FG) 2nd Eva Tuato'o (FG), 3rd Olivia Davison (KK)

Division 2: 1st Leah Watson (WAGS), 2nd Emily Tattersfield (WAGS), 3rd Hannah Cross (WAGS)

Step 4

Division 1: 1st Sophie Burgess (WAGS), 2nd Lana Pilon (WAGS) 3rd Emma MacMillan (KK)

Division 2: 1st Charlotte Butler (WAGS) 2nd Grace Lasenby (FG) 3rd Emily Heaton (WAGS)

Step 5

Division 1 1st Ella Howie (FG), 2nd Brianna Valent-Hay (FG)

Division 2 1st Lily-Mae Smith (WAGS) 2nd Amy Collecutt (FG), 3rd Anna Davison (KK)

Step 6

Division 1 1st Renee Pilon (FG)

Division 2: 1st Jessica Martin (WAGS)

Step 7

Division 2: 1st Mackenzie Keating (CM) 2nd Emma Verevis (WAGS) 3rd Philippa Croft (WAGS)

Step 9

Division 1: 1st Michelle Crawford (WAGS)


Level 1: 1st Malan Volschenk (WAGS) 2nd Jayden Gregory-Hunt (KAI) 3rd William Van Den Bogaart (WAGs)

Level 2: 1st Ryan Johnson (KAI) 2nd Lucas Seakin (WAGS) 3rd Ben Donaldson (WAGS)

Level 3: 1st Osian Evans (WAGS), 2nd Thoedore Dickson-Yeoman (WAGS), 3rd Fionn Howard (WAGS)

Level 4: 1st Gareth Ferguson (WAGs)

Level 5 1st Hayden Smith (WAGs), 2nd Liam Townsend (WAGS)


Overall standings from Friday's Northland Secondary School Sport Association junior boys division one basketball competition at ASB Stadium.

1st: Huanui College
2nd: Kaitaia College
3rd: Kerikeri High School
4th: Pompallier Catholic College
5th: Whangārei Boys' High School
6th: Kamo High School
7th: Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Kaikohe
8th: Okaihau College


Results from Northland Secondary School Sport Association Squash Year 7/8 Individual competition at ASB Stadium on Thursday.

Division 1 Boys:

1st: Josh Laing (Parua Bay School)
2nd: Ollie Maunder (Parua Bay School)
3rd: Hayden Turner (Kamo Intermediate School)

Division 1 Girls:

1st: Hayley Rhodes (Parua Bay School)
2nd: Montana Vette-Blomquist (Parua Bay School)
3rd: Erin Scott (Parua Bay School)

Division 2 Boys:

1st: Tommy Litchfield (Kamo Intermediate School)
2nd: Sam Kemp (Otamatea High School)
3rd: Scott Illerbrun (Kamo Intermediate School)


Sherwood Park Golf Club results:

Trophy Day (August 8)
Trophy winner: Dallas Campbell (68 net) - 39 points, Ian Stopforth - 37 pts, Shigeru Nakaizumi - 36 pts

Trophy winner: Kerry Pevy (69 net) - 39 pts, Coleen West - 36 pts, Caryl Scott - 32 pts, Ineko Nakaizumi - 31 pts

Nearest to Pins: Kerry Pevy (6), Pam Pasma (17)

Twos: Malcolm Burrell

Northland Golf Course results:

Nine-hole division (July 17)

Fixture - Putting F9 with 25 players

1st division: Pam Clemmett - 17
c/back Pat Walker
2nd division: Annette Mitchell - 17
3rd division: Myra Mitchell - 14
Men's division: Roy Halford - 13

Nine-hole division (July 24)

Fixture - Gross B9 with 34 players

1st division: Pam Clemmett - 47
2nd division: Anthea Laurence - 58
3rd division: Myra Mitchell - 60
Men's division: Roy Halford - 46

Two's: Kathy McFarlane (18th)

Northland Golf Club results:

Nine-hole Ladies Pennants final round (August 5)

Northland Two: 32
Waipū Two: 22

Northland One: 24
Waipū One: 30

Whangārei Two: 24
Northland Three: 30

Whangārei One: 27
Ngunguru: 27

Results from Northland Veterans at Waitangi Golf Course (August 15)

Men Group A: Mike Haddleton - 40 pts, Don Hegh - 39 pts, Bob Clement - 36 pts, Lloyd Lemon c/b - 36 pts, Gerry Brown c/b - 36 pts
Men Group B: Jack Crallans - 39 pts, Larry Haynes c/b - 39 pts, Tony Valiant - 38 pts, Hemi Pou - 36 pts, Raynard Hardy c/b - 36 pts
Women: Heather Herman - 39 pts, Diane Wright - 36 pts, Beryl MacLeod c/b - 36 pts, Lesley Cunliffe c/b - 36 pts, Merle Mounsey - 31 pts
Twos: Walter Hagoort, Mike Haddleton, Shigeru Nakaizumi, Diane Wright, Lesley Cunliffe


Kamo Bowling Club results:

Ed Sherriff Open A/C Triples (August 6)
1st: E. Coates, L Spratt, L. Lenne - 3 wins, 21 ends, 39 points
2nd: M. Bradley, R. Bradley, L. Bradley - 2 wins, 19 ends, 32 points
3rd: L. Scott, B. Scott, M. Nicklin - 2 wins, 19 ends, 25 points

Lion Breweries Open A/C Triples (August 13)
1st: D. Orford, B. Scott, D. Stuck - 3 wins, 20 ends
2nd: C. Neeley, D. Strawbridge, D. Owens - 3 wins, 19 ends
3rd: C. Crawford, S. Stirling, C. Downs - 3 wins, 17 ends

Domestic Drawn Triples (August 15)
1st: I. Howett, K. Rintoul, B. Wallner - 3 wins, 34 points
2nd: P. Blundell, P. Du Plooy, D. Stuck - 3 wins, 33 points

Whareora Indoor Bowling Club results:

August 7

1st: Alan McFarlane, Betty Corney, Pat Head, Heather Jaggard - 3 wins, 25 points
2nd: Albert Billar, Eleanor Holt, Ian Goffin - 2 wins, 27 points

Champ Fours (August 14)

1st: Dawn Leader, Don Tucker, Heather Jaggard - 2.5 wins, 11 ends, 19 points
2nd: Stuart Smith, Eleanor Holt, Paddy Holt, Fay McFarlane - 2.5 wins, 9 ends, 22 points

Ngunguru Bowling Club results:

August 12

1st: Kelvin Bint, Charlie Jellick, Malcolm Wyatt - three wins, 22 ends, 51 points
2nd: Bob McKinney, Bob Ashworth, Skye Renes - three wins, 16 ends, 35 points
3rd: Larry Vallance, Laurie Reader, Jacque Vallance - three wins, 16 ends, 29 points

Kauri Bowling club results:

Club night (August 14):

Winners: Dave Ross, Topsy Wynyard, Des Taylor, Jan Bartleet
Runners-up: Marcel Ruedi, Jeremy Bartleet, Bruce Dawson, Dave Cobbald

Dargaville Bowling Club results:

A/C Open, Wayne Robson Memorial Triples (August 11)

On a day when we experienced four seasons of atmospheric conditions in a few hours, 14 combinations had a bit of fun battling the weather and the opposition, through four rounds of bowls.

1st: Eric and Margaret Smitton, and Sally Hobson - 3.5 wins
2nd: Steve Perrett, Ray King and Gay Clement - 3 wins, 35 ends
3rd: Bimbo, Kono and Brent, (Opononi) - 3 wins, 29 ends

Northland Indoor Bowling Centre results:

Centre Pairs (August 4)

Fourteen teams entered - five teams qualified

1st: Ton Kaan, Eleanor Holt
2nd: Dave Ross, Mike Riceman
3rd: Connon Walker, Ruth Roberts

Champ of Champ Singles (August 10)

1st: Chris Watson, Pakaraka IBC
2nd: Marcel Ruedi, Marist/Horahora IBC
3rd: Stephen Yuretich, Dalmation IBC Far North

Open Singles

1st: Peter Sole - 5 wins, 37.5 ends, 62 points
2nd: Inez Bunting - 3.5 wins, 31.5 ends, 54 points

Champ of Champ Pairs (August 11)

1st: Mike Riceman and Jan Bartleet, Kauri BC
2nd: Peter Sole and Janet Sole, Mangonui IBC
3rd: Jeanette Smith and Marion Banks, Kerikeri IBC

Open Pairs

1st: Connon Walker and Ruth Roberts - 4 wins, 34 ends, 67 points
2nd: Dave Ross and Dallas Campbell - 4 wins, 28 ends, 54 points

McLeod Bay Indoor Bowls Club results:

ROLL on PAINTING Sponsored Pairs (August 6)

1st: Graeme Richards and Neale Fairweather - 2 wins, 1 draw, 12/21.

2nd: Joy–Marie Richards and Vicky Bailey - 2 wins, 1 draw, 11/23.

T.E.C. Jon Franklin and Norma Boland

July Aggregate - Ladies: Norma Boland, Men: Graeme Richards.

Whangārei Indoor Bowling Association results:

Saturday 3rd August - Championship Triples (August 3)

Eight clubs contested

1st: North End IBC - Terry Walker, Eleanor Holt, Mary Gibson
2nd: Northland Club IBC - Eilean Rawson, John Rawson, Allyson Hayward
3rd: Ngunguru IBC - Ruth Roberts, Vic Gunko, Gilbert Whalley
4th: Onerahi IBC - George Walker, Marion Hodgson, Les Taylor