A dog blamed for a series of attacks on a Bay of Islands woman's pet poultry has been seized by council animal control officers.

Since January wandering dogs have been raiding the property of Minni Gordon in Haruru Falls, near Paihia, killing about two dozen hens as well as two roosters and three guinea pigs.

The last straw came on July 11 when a chicken coop was torn open and 12 prized Araucana hens were killed. Two more are still missing.

After an April attack Far North District Council animal control staff seized one dog and ordered that another be desexed and muzzled. The owner was issued with four fines totalling $1000.


A second dog was surrendered by the owner on Thursday morning and is expected to be destroyed.

The Advocate understands the dog was surrendered after upset Haruru residents contacted the overseas owner of the rental property where the dogs were kept.

A condition of the tenancy was that dogs were not allowed to roam but had to be kept contained on the Yorke Rd property.

One dog, the one which was earlier desexed and muzzled, remains on the property.