The Bank St walkway via the Quest Hotel to Farmers is now a very public art gallery.

Already proving ideal for the task during recent exhibitions, the Quest Art Space is a not-for-profit, community-based collaboration between Creative Northland and the Quest Hotel, Whangarei.

The space was formally launched with Ohonga Kōanga, a revolving exhibition of work by nine internationally known artists from Northland.

They are Maude Cook-Davies, Andrea Eve Hopkins, Shane Hansen, Faith McManus, David Sarich, Megan Bowers-Vette, Ellie Smith, Victor Te Paa and Keri Thompson.


Quest Art Space curator Andrea Eve Hopkins said the space is a walkway that feels like a no-pressure art gallery.

"The work is on the walls with information alongside about the art and the artists. You can take your time. Come and go as you please.

''There is no one telling you how you should feel about the artwork," Ms Hopkins said.

"It's a great place for emerging artists and community groups trying to raise funds for local projects."

The Papermill will exhibit and demonstrate paper making in the gallery next week, followed by Habitat for Humanity's exhibition, The Power of Shelter.

People can buy works using the QR codes on artist profiles or via the newly created Quest Art Space Facebook Shop.

The Quest Art Space will work alongside Northland's other galleries to support local emerging and established artists, all of whom can be found in Creative Northland's newly published Northland Art Guide.

The Northland Art Guide has been put together by Creative Northland for the whole region, noting all the galleries, museums and arts based events.

The last, similar edition was a three-year brochure but will become an annual publication now, to keep up to date.

"This has been a long process gathering the information and making sure we've included all the small galleries around the region.

''Keely Quaid, from our team, created the design and we are really proud with the finished result," said Abbey Cameron, from Creative Northland.

Copies are in local galleries and art spots.

The guide will be available from Auckland Airport and at tourist spots, galleries, i-SITES, accommodation providers and libraries throughout Northland.