A $27 million Powerball prize was up for grabs last night. The Northern Advocate hit the streets in Whangarei yesterday to ask people what they would spend the money on if they won the big prize.

Chris Williams, interviewer

"I'd buy a house and a plane ticket. I'd go to the Netherlands."

Emily Boom, student


"I would go travelling, I would pay off my student loan and I would also buy a pretty sweet car and then buy a house."

Bob McLaney, retired

"I'd spend it on travel and on family and some close friends."

Kerry Dawson, store manager

"I would go around the world - twice."

Phil McKibbin, artist

"On my family - I'd buy houses for everyone in my family. That's four families."

Rata Dewar, hairstylist

"Helping my family out so everyone was nice and secure. I'd buy a house for myself and a house each for my children and probably invest what was left over to leave for my kids. And a nice car, and a bach at the beach."