Hundertwasser fever is hitting Whangarei and Whangarei Primary School has been infected.

An ambitious project to help educate young people about the significance of the Hundertwasser and Wairau Maori Art Centre has started at the school where the community will be invited to colour in a wall prepared with black outlines.

With the help of local artists Helen Whittaker and Clive Jackson from Hundertwasser Project Action Team, Whangarei Primary School students and art co-ordinator Anna Boaz have been putting a fresh lick of paint on the inside of the front wall along Bank St.

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"Being a bland wall it is invisible to many, and despite being on the main road to the CBD, some people have made comments like "I did not notice there was a school there," she said.

"We have noticed this stretch of Bank St is devoid of any artworks and it is one of the main arteries to the CBD. What we want to do is to change this and to create a feature that emphasises Hundertwasser's place in our city, celebrate our 145-year-old school and the
pride of place of our children in this community."

Parents and other members of the community that attend an art festival at the school on September 23 will be invited to add colour to the outlines of the wall.

"[It's] a fun event where all children and adults can contribute, leave a part of themselves and can say they helped to create this colourful feature running into our CBD, for years to come," Ms Boaz said.

The school has applied for $2000 funding from the Whangarei District Council to paint the outside wall.

"We will have a bit of a Maori design as well like Mt Manaia, Parihaka and the new bridge to incorporate where we come from.

"We couldn't do it without support from our principal, teachers, students and the community. It's for all of us to share. The Hundertwasser fever has hit Whangarei," Ms Boaz said.

Those wishing to volunteer their time or donate items or cash towards the project can get in touch with Ms Boaz on