A "blocking ridge" might sound like a set move in the All Blacks defensive arsenal but it's a weather system settling over the country.

As a result New Zealanders can expect successive blue skies and frosty mornings for the next five days, as the first blocking ridge since mid-May moves over the country.

"A blocking ridge is one that extends right through the atmosphere and stays put for several days. Other weather systems struggle to move through," meteorologist Tom Adams said.

"They generally bring consecutive days of fine weather."


For Northland the bold weather move brings with it a few showers expected today. A few showers will hit the eastern side of the region tomorrow with a similar scenario for Thursday.

The good news is the daytime temperatures will be some of the highest in the country with the mercury reaching between 15-16C from Cape Reinga to Wellsford.

On the flip side a lack of wind will mean a chilly start on Wednesday and may see jandals swapped for slippers when the temperature hits 4C. Thursday morning will be slightly warmer at 7C and Friday 9C. For those in the South Island the clear skies would mean overnight frosts.

"It would still be a wise idea for gardeners to protect their spring seedlings," Mr Adams said.