Rubbish and GST are in, cats and sugary drinks are out.

The Whangarei District Council has thrown its support behind two of the four remits which are being considered at this year's Local Government NZ AGM and conference.

At a council meeting late last month, councillors voted separately on each of the four remits.

The first was for LGNZ to advocate to central government for a change to the Litter Act so local authorities can issue infringement notices when there is evidence of an offence.


The second was for LGNZ to request the Government that it enables a proportion of GST to be returned to the regions it was generated in so councils can use the money for visitor infrastructure.

Councillor Tricia Cutforth said central government needs to start looking at how it funds local government. She said the council is increasingly expected to pick up costs.

Councillors Crichton Christie and Phil Halse disagreed with the remit. They raised concerns that the Government may penalise the council by reducing funding in a different area. Both those remits were supported by the council.

The third remit asked LGNZ to lobby the Government to develop legislation to manage cats. But many councillors felt it would be too difficult to manage.

Councillor Greg Martin was quick to jump to the defence of the household pet.

"Cats are absolutely critical to a lot of people in our district. Let's send a message to cat lovers in our district of 'We support you'."

Cr Christie said it would be a "nightmare for councils to deal with". "Have you ever tried to catch a cat?" That motion was lost.

The final remit recommended all councils should consider developing a Sugar Sweetened Beverages Policy for their respective workplace and facilities.

Cr Stu Bell said the Whangarei District Council "were ahead of the game".

The council voted in favour of not supporting the remit.

The Local Government New Zealand Annual General Meeting and Conference is being held in Auckland from July 23 to 25.

Mayor Sheryl Mai, councillors Tricia Cutforth, Cherry Hermon, Greg Innes, Sharon Morgan, Anna Murphy and general managers Sandra Boardman and Alison Geddes will represent the council at the meeting.