What would you do if you won Lotto's mega $40 million Powerball prize tonight?

For most people, paying off debt was at the top of the list.

Others, however, admitted they would head straight to the car dealer's or splurge on an expensive meal.

A New Zealand Herald online poll showed more than one-third of people - 36 per cent - said paying off debt would be the first thing they would do after a big win.


Sixteen per cent of people said they would help out family, while others said they would buy a house (15 per cent) or immediately quit their job (15 per cent).

Just before 2pm yesterday, more than 12,000 people had taken part in the unofficial poll. Others said they would put the money towards an "awesome holiday" or head out for an expensive meal.

Just 3 per cent of participants voted to give money to charity, while 2 per cent would buy a flash new car as a treat.

Meanwhile, 1 per cent of voters said they would buy an island, while another 1 per cent would go on a shopping spree. NZME