After years of asking to be removed from the Ngatiwai Trust Board's deed of mandate, hapu Te Kapotai are pleased they have been heard.

The Northland hapu has long been adamant it had never given any group the permission to negotiate Treaty claims on its behalf so when Ngatiwai Trust Board made a decision to remove the hapu from its deed of mandate, they were thrilled, said claimant Willow-Jean Prime.

"We're really pleased that the outcome we were seeking has been agreed to by Ngatiwai Trust Board, which was the removal of Te Kapotai before settlement," she said.

It's been a long battle for the hapu. For the last two to three years hapu have met with the trust seeking removal from the deed of mandate, said Ms Prime.


The hapu was one of many who in May were granted an urgency hearing into the Crown's recognition of Ngatiwai Trust Board's deed of mandate.

"We'd met face to face to seek removal from which they refused to do and prior to filing opposition to their mandate we met again, and they refused. Then once urgency was granted the board met to discuss the evidence and reconsidered," she said.

Ms Prime said the hapu would discuss what pathways to settlement to take.

A Ngatiwai Trust Board spokesman said the board wanted to meet on the marae with Te Kapotai before any comment was made.