Sassy the miniature horse brings Northlanders happiness wherever she trots.

The 5-month-old, 23-inch horse had a sociable day on Friday stopping in at the Jane Mander Retirement Village and the Northern Advocate office.

Fiona Pascoe, president of the Northland Miniature Horse Club, said seeing the smiles on people's faces when they saw Sassy "made my day".

"We went to Jane Mander and visited the dementia unit. The old people just loved her, they said how in the old days they could remember riding horses to school. They just loved her," she said.


It is the first time Sassy has visited Jane Mander but another miniature horse had visited there in the past.

As part of NZME Wellness Week, Sassy also brightened up the morning at the Northern Advocate office.

"I only just walked in the door and everybody was like, 'it's a horse, it's a horse.'

"I'd already been stopped in the street by some Japanese tourists - they all had their photo taken with her. Everybody is just laughing and having a good time."