Reva Meredith says watching items from her iconic restaurant being auctioned was like seeing her life go in bits and pieces.

After 40 years in business, Reva's on the Waterfront closed it doors permanently at the beginning of the month after Ms Meredith was unable to renew the Whangarei District Council lease on the location at the Town Basin.

Ms Meredith and husband Doug held the lease for 20 years, moving there in 1995 when the Town Basin makeover was complete.

More than 200 items - including art, pizza equipment and the kitchen from the restaurant " went under the hammer yesterday.


It was a tough day for Ms Meredith, who sat up the front of the on-site auction and watched as all the items she had collected for her restaurant were sold.

"It was like seeing my life go in bits and pieces. But it had to be done, I can't take them all with me and so I am happy to see them used. I hope people get some good use out of them."

Ms Meredith said pizza equipment she had owned since she first opened shop in 1976 was particularly hard to see go, but she would miss everything.

"I saved a few mementos for myself I will hold on to forever. There's a lot of history, I can't give it all away it will be in my heart."

Some of the items up for sale included a piano, a red retro telephone and a full glass bottle of Coca-Cola, several model yachts made by Delmar Alfred (Buster) Bartlett, several face masks by Jerome Patel, a bar, Reva's main counter and more.

"I am always surprised at what people want, like the signage for memorabilia."