Protesters ensured they were heard as they marched through Whangarei in objection to the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership, the impact it might have on future generations and the secrecy of discussions.

Hundreds of people walked through Whangarei with placards and flags in hand, chanting in protest to the Government's signing of the controversial TPP which will take place in Auckland today.

While trade ministers from around the Asia-Pacific will converge at Auckland's Sky City, protesters who have been spreading the anti-TPP message throughout Northland, as part of the annual Hikoi Ki Waitangi, will be in Auckland to protest on the same day.

Protesters stopped in Whangarei yesterday and walked from Laurie Hall Park to the Cameron St Mall where a rally was held.


Among the protesters was Kereta Tatana, of Ahipara, who was following the hikoi through Northland and to Auckland.

"Well what this (the TPP) is, is like signing away our rights," Mr Tatana said "It [consultation with Maori] should have been the first conversation they had. We should have been involved in discussions, not told the 6000-page document will be released all in (legal) terms nobody can understand."

Mr Tatana said the decision to invite the Prime Minister on to Te Tii Marae for Waitangi commemorations, despite a vote which went the other way, showed people were "hurt".

Joby Hopa, of Ngapuhi, said it was important to take part in the protest as he was concerned about the effect the TPP will have on future generations.

"I think it's our role to be the voice, to speak for our kids and future generations. The thing about this is we don't know much, it's the secrecy, Maori should have been engaged in discussions," he said.

The hikoi will be welcomed at Te Tii Marae in Waitangi at 8am tomorrow.

The Government says the TPP will bring huge economic benefits for the country, and Maori rights will be protected.