A Whangarei beneficiary has been ordered to pay reparation to a pawn shop operator she sold a stolen $3000 diamond ring to for $300.

Renee Golding, 24, appeared in the Whangarei District Court yesterday for sentencing on a charge of receiving stolen property worth more than $1000.

The police summary of facts said a resident of Beach Rd in Onerahi contacted police on November 9, 2015, to report a burglary at her house early that morning.

Among items taken was a diamond ring worth $3000.


On the morning of November 13, Golding went to the Whangarei Money Lenders on Port Rd and told the owner the ring belonged to her and she had owned it for such a long time she could not remember where she got it from. She sold the ring for $300 cash.

Police got wind of the sale and seized the ring. Golding told police she got the ring from a friend and did not realise it was stolen.

She would not tell police her friend's name as Golding had promised her friend not to bring up her name if questioned by police.

Judge John McDonald ordered Golding to pay reparation of $300 to Whangarei Money Lenders and to perform 90 hours of community work.