Whangarei Marina is preparing for an onslaught of yachties from around the world in the coming months, who are estimated to inject a whopping $20 million into the local economy.

Marina manager Brian Caulton said the yachts - from destinations such as Europe, Canada and America - would start arriving around mid-November to dock in one of the port's 120 berths. In the 2012/13 season there were 105 boats arriving, and in the 2013/2014 there were 110.

Mr Caulton expects this year's to be "pretty similar to previous years [but] the boats are getting bigger each year, with more catamarans".

"They stay [on average] four to six months, but in between that they'll go to [on-land] hardstands - it really is musical boats."


Boats will also dock at the two other marinas servicing Whangarei Harbour - Riverside Dr Marina and Marsden Cove - although many of these boats would "double-up", he said.

Industry figures show each yacht brings approximately $50,000 into Whangarei's economy - a total of about $20 million dollars a year, Mr Caulton said. About 92.5 per cent of that is earned November through May.

"It's huge. They are spending a tremendous amount of money. [Not only do they get work done on their boats], they are buying their groceries in town, and going to restaurants and bars," he said.

"It is not only Whangarei that benefits - it is New Zealand that benefits too. A lot of these people park up their boats, buy a car and travel around the country."

In the meantime he and assistant marina manager Sharron Beck are renovating the marina office and heading off to destinations such as Tonga and Tahiti to promote Whangarei as a destination for yachties.

"Most [yachties] have heard of Whangarei because of our good reputation for cruising yachties in terms of being user-friendly."

Many of the trades have more than one supplier, offering the yachties a choice, he said.

Northland tourism leader Jeroen Jongejans said the visiting yachties had a lot of positive effects for Whangarei.

"They show all their pictures online, with the likes of Facebook, which really helps put us on the map."

Visitors add to the multi-cultural aspect of the Town Basin, Mr Jongejans said.

"We are a water-based province and the waterfront and town basin is one of the jewels in our crown."