Manawanui White's 53-48 win over Northland Coastal Development Whangaruru has earned them a place in the final against Active Refrigeration Fideliter 1 next weekend.

It's been an amazing journey for Manawanui White; from winning the preliminary round of Premier Reserve to being promoted into premier to now playing in the premier final.

At the first quarter, Whangaruru were a goal ahead and at half time they had extended this to lead by three goals.

The Manawanui White team had a great third quarter and they won this by seven goals to take the lead. The also won the final quarter to take the win.


For Manawanui White, the change at half time to bring Kelsey Power on at wing attack showed immediate results and the shooters were able to profit from an increased supply of ball.

The whole team had a strong defensive game disrupting Whangaruru's game. Cherith Schragg at goal defence really stepped up her work rate in the second half and together with Jade Telfer at goal keep they worked tirelessly.

Alexis Chapman (player of the day) at wing defence had an outstanding game denying her partner room to move and picking up numerous tips and intercepts.

The shooting combination of Grace Cooper and Jaelyn Walker converted more than 80 per cent of their shots which proved the difference between the two teams.

For Whangaruru, Rhiannon Heteraka Sadler at goal keep and Liahona Hebden at goal defence combined well defensively with Adelaide Campbell at wing defence.

All applied a lot of pressure to force turnover ball. Sophie Tua on at half time at wing attack led her team well and showed her game experience and maturity by directing and controlling play.

In the final quarter Tua moved to goal attack.

Potter Electrical Onerahi 1 will also be happy with their 53 goals to 46 win over Treewise Marist to see them playing off against Whangaruru next week for third and fourth.


Onerahi 1 started strongly and was up by eight goals at the end of the first quarter.

They further extended their lead in second quarter to lead by eighteen goals. Marist however won the next quarter by four goals and the final quarter by seven goals but it was all a little too late.

For Onerahi 1, Gillian O'Reilly did well to step into the position of goal attack and she and Sherryn Schragg at goal shoot were a great first time combination.

Jayne Southee at centre was everywhere.

Belinda Edwards at goal keep and Shaina Tane at goal defence proved a dynamic duo on defence.

For Marist, defenders Kelly Middleton at goal keep and Helen Francis at goal defence worked hard getting turnover ball and rebounds.

Tracey Bradley at wing attack in the second half played a strong game and fed the shooters some good ball.

Nicky Taylor at goal shoot worked tirelessly throughout the game.

The final game of the night was also closely contested with Manawanui Red only just taking the 48-44 win over WGHS 1. Manawanui Red started well and was up by four goals at the end of the first quarter.

At half time they led by six goals.

Then WGHS 1 won the remaining two quarters by a goal but with six minutes to go the score was all tied up between the two teams.