More than 100 Northlanders will be sporting new hairdos after the Shave for a Cure fundraising week.

Shave for a Cure is the annual fundraiser for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer Foundation, and is a way for people to show their solidarity for cancer sufferers who lose their hair while going through chemotherapy.

Gail Watson said she had always wanted to do something to show her support for people going through cancer.

"I know what it's like to have a daughter in hospital at a very young age, and how that affects the family," she said.


When her daughter Cameron was just two weeks old she spent eight weeks in intensive care with kidney problems. Doctors told Mrs Watson there was a fifty per cent chance she wouldn't make it through.

"But look at where she is today, she is a hard-headed young girl, and I think it is because she had to fight for her life," Mrs Watson said.

She said the two of them are very close.

"Even though it's not the same as leukaemia, I know it is so tough for those parents seeing your little one with tubes coming out of them and machines and things. I want to support them," she said.

Mrs Watson's eight-year-old daughter Cameron braved the shave as well, and said she wasn't nervous about how her classmates would take the new look, and was looking forward to telling her peers all about the cause.

"This is helping kids with cancer," she said.

Springbank School in Kerikeri raised around $6000 last year and this year they are back with six students and staff members shaving their heads on Friday. Throughout the week they have been holding sausage sizzles as well as a sponge-the-head-girl day, all raising funds for the cause. Head girl Abigail Foster is hoping they can raise as much as last year.

PBT Transport in Whangarei have seven staff members shaving their heads for the cause and are hoping to raise around $250.

Meanwhile, nine doctors and the chief medical officer braved the shave at Whangarei Hospital and raised more than $5000 for the cause. They are in the top three fundraising groups for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer Foundation in the country.

Five of the doctors flat together in a "mansion full of banter" the 'Bantsion', and decided to challenge each other and their workmates for a shave off.

The flat of doctors, who work at Whangarei Hospital, is hoping to raise $5000 for the cause and has already raised more than $4000.

Some of the men were nervous about how the new look would go down with the ladies, but they all enjoyed the experience and were stoked with how much money they have raised. Donations will still be collected for the cause until the end of the week.

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