Amy Griffiths is in the pink - shocking pink that is - in a hair-raising plan to raise money for charity Kids Cure and for the family of a friend who died of breast cancer on Monday.

Ms Griffiths, a childcare worker at Big Steps Valley early learning centre, has dyed her hair bright pink and tomorrow she's shaving it off. She has already raised more than $3000 to split between Cure Kids and the family of Kelly Jenkins.

Ms Jenkins, 33, died on Monday from breast cancer and Ms Griffiths said the long-time family friend would have enjoyed seeing her hairstyle. Yesterday, Amy attended Ms Jenkins' funeral and afterwards her two sisters, Karlie Griffiths and Sarah Wells, announced they would also shave off their locks on Saturday for the cause.

"I was going to shave my hair for Kids Cure, which is a wonderful charity, but when I decided to do that, Kelly was in good shape and we didn't think she was going to die. Now I'll be splitting the money raised between Cure Kids and Kelly's family [husband John and their two children, aged 13 and 5]," she said.


"Kelly was only 33, and such an amazing person, and it's pretty horrible so I want to raise as much money as possible for Cure Kids and John and the kids. If we can get more than $3000 that should be top-notch."

Kelly and John were married in December 2010, just a week after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Amy said she had never been bald in her life, even at birth, so having a shaved head would be an unusual experience. But then, so is having shocking pink hair.

"I get a lot of people staring at me, but I've had an amazing amount of support from everybody - businesses, schools, early childhood centres - and the kids [at my workplace] love it. One of the mums texted me saying her daughter was putting her pink felt in her hair because she wanted hair 'just like Amy's'," she said.

Amy and her sisters are having their hair shaved at Big Steps Valley, Paranui Valley Rd, Whangarei, at 2.30pm tomorrow.

Anyone wanting to donate can do so at ASB Bank to Amy Griffiths, account number 12 3115 0180287 51. Check out