While reticulated water has been restored in the Far North, a serious shortage of bottled water is being filled with emergency drops by the New Zealand Army.
Yesterday afternoon two Army Iroquois helicopters landed at Kensington Park, in Whangarei, to load up with 1800 litres of bottled water that had been donated by supermarket group Progressive Enterprises.
Far North District Council communications manager Ali Lees said almost every bottle of water had been snapped up in the district by yesterday morning and an emergency call was put out.
Progressive came to the party and trucked 1800 litres of bottled water, in four and six litre bottles, up from Auckland.
Far North Civil Defence controller Alastair Wells said the district was grateful for the generosity.
"We still have communities where drinking water is in short supply and we need to get bottled water into them before the day is out," Mr Wells said.
All council-provided water supplies are now back on stream in the Far North and the council provided tanker water as a back-up in areas that could be accessed by large vehicles.
Progressive Enterprises general manager Richard Manaton said the company was happy to help out.