Six60 have barely allowed the dust to settle following their recent five-date tour of New Zealand before embarking to Whangarei for another gig.

The Kiwi favourites, along with rising star Kings and legendary DJ and producer P-Money, will be performing at Toll Stadium on March 17. It's their first trip to the north in two years.

Bassist Chris Mac said it didn't take much to convince them to bring their show to Northland.

"We're pumped to be coming back up! Last time we were there it was one of the highlight shows on the tour," he said.


"I don't know whether it's location or the people but for some reason it's a special show. The crowd loved it and that always helps us put on a great show.

"To be honest, we tried to kid ourselves that we would only do those first five shows. But we love it too much. We love touring.

"We were selling out our shows and people were asking us to come to different places and we've got rubber arms when it comes to adding new shows. We can't help ourselves."

Six60 recently released an EP, which includes the hit Don't Give It Up. However it's another track that Mac loves the most.

"Up There is my favourite. It's the most personal song on there for me and for the entire band," he said.

"It's all of us. It tells the story of how we got into what we do today. And I think everyone can relate to the feeling.

"For me it was riding around on my bike listening to Nirvana and feeling connected to the music and to a band and people that sees the world in the same way I did."

Six60 recently have spent time in the US in order to progress themselves as artists which can be heard on their latest EP.

Mac said the decision to head there has been hugely beneficial to the band.

"We love the second album we did (the self-titled Six60) and we love New Zealand music so much but we knew we could get better as a group so we went to the US to learn from the best," he said.

"Because of it, our song-writing has gotten better. Our willingness to just go with songs and let them become what they want to become rather than trying to force them somewhere has been really liberating."

Mac said concert-goers will be in for a phenomenal night with the talents of Kings and P-Money complementing their variety of new tracks and old classics.

"Kings was on our last run with us and puts on an amazing show. He has a band with him and he does his thing. He actually shreds on the guitar. I didn't know that until I met him.

"And P-Money, I mean can you really get any better? He's a Kiwi icon and we're proud to have him on the road with us.

"We're at the top of our game. Each year we get better. Our latest tour of Europe gave us the chance to refine our skills and we're having the time of our lives out there.

"We'll play all of our new stuff and try not to leave out any of the crowd favourites as well. We just love to play so we want to play every song we have."

Tickets go on sale via Ticketmaster and at the Forum North Box Office at midday tomorrow (January 17).