Former Aussie rockers Howling Bells bring a fair whack of nostalgia with their indie sound - recalling early 90s acts like Curve, Lush and My Bloody Valentine.

That takes nothing away from their latest album Heartstrings, 10 tracks of alt-pop goodness.

Opener Paris could easily have been a 90s-era hit - catchy, fluffy pop with a dark undercurrent - while Possessed goes down more of punk rock route.

Standout track Tornado takes a similar country and western approach to this year's First Aid Kit album Stay Gold - and the beautiful vocal harmonies echo the Swedish duo's songs as well.


The album closes with the title track, a dark, moody and cinematic piece that sounds like the soundtrack to a David Lynch movie.

Fans of any of the bands mentioned here, or even Mazzy Star or Nick Cave, should check out Howling Bells.