Twisting in crazy, unimaginable positions and balancing candlesticks from every limb, Zirka Circus performers had the kids at Onerahi Primary School wide-eyed with awe.

Zirka Circus is holding preview performances at local schools and still has around nine schools to visit during its stay, but yesterday performers visited the kids at Onerahi Primary and boy, were they impressed.

Made obvious by the cheering, the kids were impressed by the performances from Jade Xiao and Kat Li from China who have been trained in circus performing since they were even younger than their onlookers.

"I wanna try do that when I'm older," said Onerahi student Leigha Sutton, 7.


Bay of Islands retirees Kevin and Jane Hurring, who help co-ordinate the events, believe the school visits are important as children get to glimpse another way of life and witness incredible talent.

"This is good for kids whose parents can't afford to take them to the circus," said Mrs Hurring.

Mr Hurring, who introduced the performers, told the audience to make sure they come along to check out the clowns and the "death-defying wheel", which had all the kids gasping with intrigue.

The couple enjoy working with the circus as they say the performers are disciplined, talented, and very happy people.

"They're like our grandkids," said Mr Hurring.

Each time Zirka Circus travels to a city or town, it showcases a new set of performances, never repeating previous years' shows.

The circus is Cirque Du Soleil-style, but is more family-orientated. .

Zirka Circus has just finished touring the South Island and Auckland and is travelling through Northland over the next two months.


The circus opens on Pohe Island, in Whangarei, tonight and is on until next Sunday. A family pass to the show is $86.