Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


With what seems like every other game being a first-person shooter,



tries its best to step out of the crowd with a fresh visual style and an emphasis on teamwork, yet still packs a body count that would make an 80s action star blush.

If you're a shooting fan who loves the tactics and competition you can only get online, then this game is simply awesome.

With four different classes available (soldier, medic, engineer and operative) with their respective skills being key to completing missions, this is a thinking person's shooter.

But - and it's a pretty big "but" - if you're not the type of person who thinks of games in flanking patterns and sweeping strategic moves, you're more likely to find


to be a cavalcade of noise, destruction and repeated deaths that will have you hurling your controller in frustration as you repeatedly get taken down.

Online, single and multiplayer have been seamlessly combined so all your achievements and characters are easy to access regardless of the format you choose.

Graphically, the characters have a unique visual style, and stylish free-running moves make for some very cool fire fights.


Although a bit hardcore for the casual gamer to really sink their teeth into, seasoned shooting fans will find


like filet mignon.