There are plenty of competitions where you can win a video game, but how about being in one?
Two winners will appear in-game as survivors in humanity's battle against the Chimera as the invasion continues in the upcoming Resistance 3 game.
But how will they capture the likeness? By flying the winner - and a friend - on an all-expenses-paid trip to San Diego.
Once there, they'll get a full 3D head scan to ensure every feature is captured, then that will be translated on to a battle-hardened digital twin.
They'll also meet the Resistance 3 development team and get a sneak peek at the game itself.
If this sounds like your cup of tea all you have to do is upload a photo of yourself looking like you are in the middle a Resistance-style battle, or like you've just survived one, and write why you think you deserve to be one of the survivors.
Ten entries will be showcased on the PlayStation blog before two winners are chosen by Insomniac Games.
But you'll need to be quick - the competition closes on March 8.

Dad quick to jump in

A 7-year-old with more exciting things on his mind than Lego almost landed a real dream toy - a Harrier fighter jet, The Harrier Jump Jet T-Bird Aircraft XW269 was close to purchase after being spied by the child on popular trading site eBay.
He clicked the "Buy Now" option in an attempt to snare the decommissioned fighter jet.
Luckily the boy's father was alerted to the high-flying purchase.
Sellers Jet Art Aviation received a frantic phone call from him, minutes after the "sale".
"His dad rang up and profusely apologised to us, so it's still for sale," Sellers Jet Art Aviation said. "We've put it on as an auction now so that won't happen again."
Tower of power
The classic board game Monopoly is about to get a hi-tech makeover.
Monopoly Live uses the classic wheeling and dealing, but in the new version there's a 25cm tower sitting on the middle of the board. This tower of power is a key component in this latest version in that it keeps tabs on your rent, records your money, announces whose turn it is and even "rolls" the dice for you.
"The tower never makes a mistake," said one of the game's designers, Leif Askeland.
It will also have other new features, including a horse race, auctions and a fuel tax. The flipside of this electronic book keeping is that there'll be no dice, rent dodging or physical paper for you to squirrel away secret stashes.
Don't worry if this all seems a bit "big brother" for your board-game playing pleasure, because you can still buy the original.
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