A power outage struck at the heart of the Kerikeri business district with many businesses shutting their doors yesterday.

A Top Energy spokeswoman confirmed electricity was cut about 11am an affected about 517 connections.

Most of those were back online by 11.30 but by 5pm yesterday there were 52 still without power. It was anticipated all connections would be restored by 10pm.

One of those who were forced to close early was Fishbone Cafe which shut its doors at 2pm after serving cabinet food by candle light and unable to make any coffees.


Owner Steve White said the outage had cost him thousands of dollars that he would not be able to recoup.

'It's pretty hard on business when this happens."

He said he was fortunate to have a hand held eftpos machine that was not affected by the power but suspected many had machines hardwired that would have been unable to operate.

The Top Energy spokeswoman said an investigation was under way to establish what had caused the outage but the company's website said it was due to an equipment fault on a Cobham Rd feeder.

And Ruawai residents also faced a period without power.

The power went off about midday on parts of SH 12, Otuhianga Road, Oparakau Rd, Tana Rd, Murphy Rd, Ovens Rd, Gallie Branch Rd and Matakohe West Rd.

It affected 1407 customers but by 3pm there were still 112 people unable to boil the jug for a cuppa.