Conbrio Technology has partnered with CSG to be its sales and service specialist in Northland.

Conbrio is a technology manufacturer and distributor of hardware, software and installation services providing a unique range of IT, network, security, printing, video and imaging solutions.

Its customers range from major banks and local government agencies to fast food chains and service providers across New Zealand and Australia.

The business at it stands today is the result of several specialist enterprises that have been brought together to provide a range of skills that continue to be more important as technology continues to converge on the computer IP (internet protocol) network.


Conbrio sales director Geoff Henry, who lives in Northland and who previously worked for the Ministry of Education as a speech therapist, then psychologist and manager, started Business Solutions Northland in 2010.

He then merged Business Solutions with fellow IT specialist Brian Lawrence in 2014 to form Conbrio Technology Group. Conbrio then bought Public Technology and in 2016 acquired Arche Technologies.

This year Conbrio bought SportCheck, a text notification system used by clubs and schools which also works across a variety of environments, and in November partnered with CSG to be their sales and service specialists in Northland.

CSG is the exclusive distributor of Konica Minolta business solutions in New Zealand.

Conbrio has 35 staff across two sites with the majority in premises in Auckland.

In Whangarei Conbrio is based at A3 Nell Place Business Park in Raumanga.
There are 13 staff working across the print side of the business selling and servicing printers and copiers across Northland.