After many years supplying New Zealand with cake decorating equipment, Kiwicakes in Kamo is now selling iced cakes to Whangarei customers.

Kiwicakes staff can vouch for the quality of the four cake flavours, which are banana, carrot cake, chocolate and red velvet.

The cakes are made using fresh ingredients, with no preservatives. The carrot cake is topped with walnuts and thick cream cheese icing, while the chocolate and banana cakes are coated in a thick chocolate ganache.

There are two sizes of cake to choose from: a round cake suitable for birthdays, and a bigger rectangular slab cake, great for a work celebration or any occasion in need of a large sumptuous cake.


The cakes can be bought in-store as they are or Kiwicakes do a customised decoration using their edible icing printing service.

Customers supply their own photos and text to be printed on to edible icing using special food inks. In this way cakes can be personalised with something witty and humorous, or classic and sincere.

For children, there's the option of choosing an icing topper that has characters from their favourite movie or TV series. The Moana movie is popular with Whangarei families.

Kiwicakes received the Judges Commendation Award at the 2014 Northland Business Excellence Awards.