A Whangarei business is using electric scooters to deliver pizzas.

The zero-emission 50cc equivalent Fonzarelli 100 scooters have been brought in from Australia, because of better quality and great backup service, says Domino's franchise owner Jayesh Madhav.

His delivery team has been using electric scooters since January - one in the central city branch and two at Kamo.

He says they have more acceleration than conventional petrol scooters. The only drawback is they are silent which takes a bit of getting used to.


The scooters are "very good value" from a maintenance perspective. "There's no need for petrol, oil or regular services," Mr Madhav said. "Initially on a cost/benefit basis [they are] not so favourable when compared to petrol scooters which cost about $3500. Electric scooters cost about $7000.

"However, over a five-year period, the cost associated with the petrol-powered scooter would even out. Cost of petrol would be $2800 then the service and repairs.
"It still appeals to me because of the environmental benefits, no pollution that sort of thing which is really important," he said.

The only negative is the driving range, 80km on a fully charged battery. But Mr Madhav says quick charges between deliveries help. The scooters take five hours to fully charge overnight.

The scooters also open up opportunities for drivers who haven't got a full driver's licence.
"We will also be looking at getting the pedal-assist electric bikes in the future."