Sarah Goss is the leader of a group of women who call each other sisters. The 23-year old will captain the New Zealand women’s sevens team of 12 in their historic first ever Olympic campaign. A year ago, they were red hot favourites for gold in Rio, but a difficult season has seen Australia not only catch but surpass the kiwis. However Goss and the team are acutely aware of the opportunity they have and what winning a gold medal could do for women’s rugby “ we are one of the few female athletes in New Zealand that get paid to do something we really love, and we’re pioneers to a legacy”. The Herald spent the day with Goss at her new home in Mount Maunganui. While she is a proud product of Manawatu, Goss has found an outlet from life as a professional athlete in the waters of the famous Bay of Plenty surf beach “It gets my head away from rugby. I don’t have to worry about training or leading, it’s just me, the wave and the surfboard and I’m able to clear my head and be Sarah”.