A lot has been achieved in my first term as Member of Parliament for Te Tai Tokerau.

The big issue for Te Tai Tokerau in the 2014 General Election was Statoil.

They have gone.

Another billion-dollar multinational company to disappear from running Mt Eden Correctional Facility is SERCo.


I am proud to have exposed their incompetence.

Along with SERCo went the Corrections Minister in charge during the fightclub mess.

New Zealanders are now aware of how our countrymen are being treated in Australian detention centres and in Australian communities in general.

Human rights abuses are unacceptable, even when committed by our closest ally.

Awareness of sexual violence has increased partly due to our numerous hikoi to encourage people to #Speakout.

Twenty marathons in two years was a mighty effort.

A lot has been achieved, but a lot more still has to be done.

We need houses in Te Tai Tokerau, and we need the scourge of P to be wiped from our communities, health outcomes are poor, educational outcomes can improve, mental health issues is a growing concern.

Only a caring, compassionate, people focused Government will make a difference.

Jacinda Ardern as Prime Minister will lead the change.

Poverty will be a key focus of her new Labour Government and as well as balancing the books we'll know whether our budgets are successful by counting how many children we lift out of poverty.

It was always thrown at me that I wouldn't be able to make a difference in the Labour Party.

I've proved that wrong.

As the new Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and alongside Jacinda I will be pulled to all parts of New Zealand.

Remaining as the Member of Parliament for Te Tai Tokerau, I will always have that anchor to keep me grounded and in touch with the issues here at home.