One converted a council rubbish bag into a jacket. Another went shirtless with a fully inflated lifejacket covering his chest. Many flagged their shoes and paddled around barefoot.

Others donned coloured ponchos and huddled under eaves and ledges to escape the driving rain that had pelted Auckland all afternoon and threatened to turn the biggest rock show of the summer into a washout.

But the person who came most prepared for last night's stormy weather at Mt Smart Stadium was Weezer guitarist Brian Bell, who splashed around on stage in a full-length yellow raincoat and knee-high gumboots.

Soggy masses getting soaked in the rain - last night's Foo Fighters and Weezer show was starting to look familiar to anyone who got drenched at Adele's third show at the same venue this time last year.


Standing among the 40,000-strong crowd, you couldn't help but feel, well, a little wet.

Then Dave Grohl arrived.

"It's a beautiful day for a rock show right?" he screamed, tearing down a slippery runway through the crowd, thrashing his guitar around.

Grohl and co launched into the opening stomp of Run, and the rain started stalling. It completely cleared during All My Life, as Grohl crept around the stage during the song's grinding riff. By the time they launched into Learning to Fly, you could even see the hint of some late evening sun. During The Pretender, a full rainbow could be seen over the stadium.

"We just made the rain stop," declared Grohl afterwards with that cackle of his.

Call it luck, call it the power of music: either way, last night, this rock god added "weather god" to his CV.

Earlier, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo showed his sense of humour too, donning a sombrero for several songs during a set packed with hits such as Hash Pipe and Beverly Hills, rewarding fans who have followed them since The Blue Album.

The show continues the Foo Fighters' love affair with New Zealand, bringing to 10 its number of tours here since 1996.