The actor Corey Feldman has revealed that his life is under threat because of his upcoming documentary which exposes a paedophile ring made up of Hollywood power players.

The child star of 80s classics like The Goonies, Stand By Me and The Lost Boys expressed his fears on the American chat show, The Wendy Williams Show, after arriving protected by a full security detail.

He was on the show to talk about the documentary, titled My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys, which goes into detail about the abuse he and his best friend, the late actor Cory Haim, experienced.

"We had both been molested as children … He was raped physically. I was raped emotionally. I was molested," he told Williams.


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The actor has talked about the abuse he suffered but has never named any of the people, believed to be prominent Hollywood types, until now.

Feldman told Williams that the documentary will name who abused them and that, "The one main name that everyone is waiting to hear. It is a name that everybody on the planet knows."

Feldman's revelation that his life had been threatened because of the documentary left the host speechless, with Williams saying, "I'm frightened for you. You've only got you and [your wife] against the world."

After trying to sell the documentary to streaming services who all declined, Feldman funded it himself and will now premiere it on its own website on Monday.