Taika Waititi has thanked everyone for their congratulatory messages after his Oscar win.

The New Zealand filmmaker, who won the best adpated screenplay Oscar for Jojo Rabbit is the cover star of Variety's Next Morning Oscars issue.

He also shared what he got up to the day after his Oscars win, posting a photo of himself tucked up in bed watching a Harry Potter movie with his award next to him.

Taika Waititi posted a hilarious photo of him celebrating his Oscars win on Instagram. Photo / Instagram
Taika Waititi posted a hilarious photo of him celebrating his Oscars win on Instagram. Photo / Instagram

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Taika Waititi wins his first Oscar


On Instagram he posted photos of the Variety cover story.

"Thanks @variety for the Next Morning cover! Scroll right to see the 'afternoon after' watching Prisoner of Azkaban post my appearance on @theellenshow.

"Thank you to everyone for the congratulatory messages. It's been a surreal few days and I'm still celebrating. Mauri Ora!"

In the interview for Variety, he explained why he decided to dedicate his win to the indigenous kids of the world.

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Taika Waititi has won his first Oscar for his adapted screenplay 'Jojo Rabbit'. Video / TVNZ

"Growing up in New Zealand, dancing and doing art - these things were frowned upon or seen as weird behaviours," he says.

"I wanted to try and communicate to kids who grew up like I did, or are growing up like I did. To say to them, it's OK to be want to be an artist."

Waititi was also asked about the possibility of him directing a Star Wars movie after he lent his directing skills to an episode of the Disney + Star Wars movie The Mandalorian.

He says he would do a Star Wars movie if he was right for the job.


"If it was right. I would want to do any kind of movie if it made sense, and if it felt not like career suicide."

Waititi also appeared on The Ellen Show after his Oscars win and told the talk show host it initially "made no sense" for him to play Adolf Hitler in Jojo Rabbit.

"Look at me - I'm way too good looking to play Hitler.

"But I guess if it had been an actual actor, someone who can act, I feel it would have detracted - like a celebrity would have detracted from the story."