The dramatic conclusion to Avengers: Endgame proved too much for one Marvel fan in China, who was reportedly hospitalised with "uncontrollable sobbing".

According to a report on, a 21-year-old woman was left short of breath and suffering numbness in her hands and feet after the sitting through the film's tense climax.

She received treatment from doctors and was diagnosed as having hyperventilated but her condition improved after she was given oxygen.

The final chapter in the Avengers movie franchise continues to smash box office records in New Zealand and around the world following its release last week.


Avengers: Endgame had raked in $7.9 million nationwide by the end of the weekend, according to the Motion Picture Distributors' Association of New Zealand.

That made it the most successful opening weekend ever for any film in New Zealand, after the movie broke opening day records when it opened in cinemas last Wednesday.