The final trailer for the new and likely last X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix, dropped today, showcasing Sophie Turner's character Jean Grey's struggle to contain her immense powers after an accident in space.

Fans will be surprised by the Game of Thrones star's dark portrayal of Grey, who warns of the changes she is experiencing: "Something's happening to me," she says during a teary monologue. "When I lose control, bad things happen. But it feels good."

The trailer explores the origin of Grey's transformation into Phoenix, as she gains telepathic and telekinesis abilities after miraculously surviving an explosion during a NASA rescue mission gone wrong.

James McAvoy's Professor X is wary of Phoenix's newly acquired powers, worrying that she could potentially "kill [them] all" while the X-Men do their best to save her.


It all appears likely to lead to a showdown with Magneto, who is keen to eliminate Phoenix as a threat, though she appears more than a match for him.

The film is due to hit New Zealand cinemas on June 6.