It's taken 22 years but now a perfectly cromulent, although entirely fictional, word from the Simpsons has entered the dictionary.

As part of its annual intake of new words the Merriam-Webster dictionary finally added 'embiggen'.

This made up word first featured in the 1996 episode Lisa the Iconoclast but became a popular internet joke and permanent fixture in meme culture.

In the episode Lisa examines the dubious origin story of Jebediah Springfield, the founder of the Simpsons' home town Springfield. Embiggen features in an educational video she watches and features Jebediah's inspirational quote; "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man".


So what does it mean?

Well the Merriam Webster dictionary has defined embiggen as "to make bigger or more expansive," while remarking that it's generally used in an "informal" and "humorous" manner.

Other words added include blockchain, glamping and mansplain.