Bad acting can ruin the best movie, but what is the worst movie acting performance of all time?

We're not talking here about some amateur hack in a low budget special from the 1970s but major movies, with a real budget.

Here's 10 of the worst — but please tell us if we've missed out your personal least favourite.

Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in Attack Of The Clones

Star Wars fans were prepared to forgive (as long as they could forget) the atrocity that was Jar Jar Binks in Phantom Menace. But when Hayden Christensen took the memory of Darth Vader and lightsaber-ed it into pieces in Attack of The Clones, the prequels' fate was sealed.


His 'I hate sand" speech must rank as one of the worst pieces of acting in a major film. Poor Natalie Portman must have been begging for her character to get killed off. Petulant, annoying and wooden, he achieved the rare feat of being out-acted by the cartoon version of his character in the Clone Wars cartoon.

George Clooney as Batman in Batman And Robin

There have been some great performances of Batman. George Clooney's was not one of them. In fact the rubber nipples on his Batsuit were more convincing. He neither camped it up like Adam West nor played it straight like Michael Keaton. Instead he grinned and mugged his way through, delivering a brutal Kapow! to the series.

Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face in Batman Forever

For a fine actor, Tommy Lee Jones managed to completely ruin a legendary villain. He actually managed to make Jim Carrey's The Riddler look restrained and understated. If he and Clooney had been in the same movie, it would have actually killed Batman completely. Aaron Eckhart showed how to make Two-Face a perfect mix of duality. Tommy Lee made it a perfect mix of dumb-ality.

Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Depp brought all of his knowledge and skill at playing wacky characters to Willy Wonka. But, like that 17th chocolate after a big Christmas lunch, it was all just too much. Audiences were given a massive overload of craziness that ended up more sickly than being force-fed Wonka bars for a week. The squeaking purple rubber gloves were the final humiliation.

Steven Seagal as Casey Ryback in Under Siege

Unlike every other actor in this poll, this character was actually a good one by Seagal, acted reasonably well. Unfortunately, every role since then has been steadily worse as Seagal turned from a lithe action star of the 1980s and 1990s into a bloated joke. As it's impossible to choose between them, we picked this one as his last proper effort.

Nicolas Cage as Joe Enders in Windtalkers

Many people cite Cage's The Wicker Man as one of the worst pieces of acting in cinematic history. And it's hard to disagree with that statement. However, that was terrible acting combined with ridiculous dialogue and a stupid plot. Windtalkers, on the other hand, was actually a good idea, based on a true story. However, Cage's overacting and strange facial mannerisms turned it into a steaming pile.

Colin Farrell as Alexander in Alexander

Where to start? The stupid wig? The silly accent? The bizarre dialogue? Farrell was an actor in demand before this flaccid biopic. Not afterwards. It's an impressive feat to take one of the towering figures of history and turn him into a joke — but Farrell achieved it.

John Travolta as Terl in Battlefield Earth

Hamstrung by a plot more flawed than the Scientology philosophy of L Ron Hubbard and hindered by an insane hairstyle, Travolta then decided that adding an annoying and pointless laugh to the character would save the day. It didn't. As a device for winning new fans to Scientology, it exploded like an alien DC-3 in a volcano.

Jennifer Lopez as Ricki in Gigli

It was actually a toss-up as to whether Lopez or Ben Affleck would make the list for this turkey of a movie. Lopez gets the nod, just, because it was meant to be the vehicle that made her a superstar. Instead, it sent her back to music videos. Given it's Christmas, I won't even repeat the turkey line she used, which was meant to be erotic but instead inspired projectile vomiting.

Denise Richards as Christmas Jones in The World Is Not Enough

You could buy that a nuclear physicist is a major hottie who likes to wear tight tops and is in charge of a vital project just a couple of years out of university.

But not the way that Denise Richards played her. The sexual chemistry with Pierce Brosnan is faintly disturbing and the villainess Sophie Marceau makes Richards look like the work experience student standing in for a real actor.