With the 20th anniversary of the iconic film Titanic approaching Kate Winslet got very honest with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

The star revealed a few facts about the classic movie.

She said the final scene where she's in the freezing water actually gave her hypothermia, the sweaty handprint on the car window moment was totally made up on the day and she didn't even laugh when she told Leonardo DiCaprio to draw her like one of his French girls, reports News.com.au.

Colbert asks, "Could you keep a straight face when you said, 'Draw me like one of your French girls'?"


Winslet tells him, "I think I probably did, but I should've laughed".

If you've watched the movie, there's a few pivotal moments in the film which have raised heated debates — mainly the door scene.

By this point in the movie you've spent the last good hour routing for Rose, played by Winslet and Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, to end up happily ever after.

As Winslet lies on the door, which by the way, has ample room for at least one other person, — probably four — Jack's left freezing in the water.

In the next breath, while Rose floats on her spacious slab of wood (and you're yelling at your TV) she's promising to never let him go ... and then she lets him go.

Now you're left reaching for the closest box of tissues and as if that wasn't enough, cue Celine Dion's, My Heart Will Go On.

Colbert says, "In the famous line, you say, 'I'll never let you go Jack', but you do".

Winslet tells the host, "I lied".

"I lie. I fully lie. I hold my hand up, I let him go. Plus he just should've tried harder to get on that door."

The two go on to hilariously re-enact the ending with Colbert playing Jack.

Winslet skilfully dives onto his desk and the rest is what we've all been yelling at our TVs, for 20 years: "Get on the door Jack!