Explosive audio clips from an interview with Steven Seagal have emerged in which the actor is heard calling female reporters "a bunch of f***ing dirty w****s" and "c***suckers".

In the disturbing audio, obtained by DailyMailTV, the 65-year-old gets shockingly candid as he tells a male interviewer that he's had the most trouble with women when it comes to dealing with the press.

His remarks have come to light days after several celebrities including actress Rae Dawn Chong and Inside Edition's Lisa Guerrero have come forward accusing Seagal of sexual harassment amid the Harvey Weinstein allegations.

When asked if he found any differences between male and female reporters while promoting his 1988 film, Above the Law, Seagal says: "Well, I found that interestingly enough, the few times that I had a hard time, it was usually with women."


He goes on to say: "When somebody is on tour, a promotional tour, he's there to talk about his film, not about who he's f***ed or who he would like to f**k or who his wife was with 10 years ago.

"They should go into pornography or something else instead of journalism if they want to hear that s**t. They're a bunch of a**holes."

Seagal could not be reached for comment on the shocking 1988 audio interview.

The man conducting the interview, who is not identified, is heard laughing at Seagal's responses throughout the tape.

He then asks the Hollywood star why he thinks women in media have treated him "unfairly".

"You think it's because of the subject matter? Most women don't like action pictures," the reporter says.

Seagal has been known to star and direct stunts in hit action films such as Hard to Kill and Above the Law.

"I won't even dare tell you what I think it is. One time, I'm sure that's what it was and another time it was just some dumb c***t that is a liar and wanted to be sensational," he replies.

At the time, Seagal claimed, the female journalist "pretended like she was in love" with him then went on to write allegedly false things about him.

"If I ever see her again, I'll tell her to her face, I think she belongs in a zoo. Bunch of f***ing dirty w****s."

"You sit down with this sweet little nice girl and she seems to adore you and all this and that, and you're a perfect gentleman, and you know, unbelievable."

When asked how he can "combat" these types of situations, Seagal says he now refuses to give interviews.

"The way you combat is by let's not ever do an interview again to show these c***suckers."

The startling interview has emerged just days after he became a target of sexual assault allegations amid the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Inside Edition's Lisa Guerrero told the Hollywood Reporter on Thursday how the actor reportedly invited her to his home for a 'private audition' in 1996. She had been suspicious about the request and arrived with a female casting director.

Seagal allegedly answered the door in a silk robe and had her perform in front of him while he sat in a throne.

Although Guerrero says Seagal never exposed himself or touched her, she described the whole encounter as 'so strange.'

Guerrero told the news outlet that Seagal told her she could have a bigger role if she returned for a "private rehearsal," which she refused.

Last week, actress Rae Dawn Chong made similar claims, alleging in a blog, The Wrap, that she was called to a private audition with Seagal at the Bel Air Hotel in the 1980s - where Seagal also answered the door in his bathrobe.

The Commando actress recalled feeling "heartbroken" by her agency at the time, "because [they] had obviously pimped me out to this creep".

Chong claimed Seagal sat in a chair and "manspread so I could see his junk. But he casually covered back up as if it was a mistake".

The actress said she left quickly after he asked her if he could touch her silk shirt.

Chong says it did not end there, claiming Seagal continued to leave "sex messages" on her machine.

In a 1998 interview with Movieline, Jenny McCarthy claimed that Seagal attempted to coerce the then fledgling actress to take off her dress during an audition for Under Seige 2. Seagal vehemently denied the claims.

Although these claims have surfaced, Seagal has been slapped with sexual harassment lawsuits over the years and has been represented by Hollywood lawyer Marty Singer.

n 2010, the action film icon was sued by his 23-year-old former assistant, Kayden Nguyen, for sexual harassment and illegal sex trafficking.

Singer described the allegations as 'ridiculous and absurd.'

Nguyen dropped the suit months later.

Blair Robinson, the granddaughter of legendary singer Ray Charles, claims she was hired as the actor's assistant in 2004 and was told giving Seagal massages were part of the job.

Robinson claims to have quit after her first day, when it became clear 'that he wanted and expected sexual favors.'
Actress Rae Dawn Chong made similar claims to Jenny McCarthy's alleging she was invited to a private audition in Seagal's hotel room

Actress Rae Dawn Chong made similar claims to Jenny McCarthy's alleging she was invited to a private audition in Seagal's hotel room

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel earlier this year, the host asked Katherine Heigl about working alongside Seagal in the film Under Siege - when she was 16 years old at the time.

'Was there anything he said during the shooting that sticks out for you... Seagal-wise?' Kimmel asked.

'My favorite was at the last day of filming, and again I had just turned 16 in this movie, and he said you know Katie, I've got girlfriends your age,' Heigl dished.

'And I said isn't that illegal? And he said, "they don't seem to mind," and then I said: Mom!'

Kimmel then asked her about an awkward photo in which Seagal has his hand placed over the then-teenager's right breast.

'I have no recollection of that moment either, Heigl says. 'I think we know why, I blocked it.'