Liam Neeson said he wasn't going to make a Taken 3, but alas the trailer has arrived - and fans can expect the same formula they've gotten used to.

In keeping with the style of the first two instalments, the trailer shows Neeson, aka ex-CIA operative Bryan Mills, doing what he does best.

Phone threats, gun-toting, explosions - and a defibrillator - all feature in this latest Olivier Megaton-directed chapter which sees Mills' ex-wife Lenore kidnapped again.

Mills has been framed for her murder and he's a fugitive on the run from every American authority in existence, led by Forest Whitaker.


There are some killer quotes in this two-minute sneak peek of Taken 3, stylised as Tak3n.

"Listen carefully, Kim. Something terrible has happened to your mum. Don't trust anyone," Neeson growls into his ever-present mobile phone.

"There are things I have done in my life and I was always ready to face the consequences. To protect my family."

And for those concerned the franchise could be extended in the future to include a fourth movie, never fear.

He's "going to finish this".

Watch the trailer for Taken 3:

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