A simple and sweet story of love lost and found, Delicacy has all the charm you'd expect from a French romantic comedy staring Audrey Tautou.

Based on the novel by David Foenkinos, who also co-directed with his brother Stephane, it's a gentle story with a kooky sense of humour, based on the observation that you can't always control who you fall in love with.

Tautou is the perfect French woman; beautiful, petite and smart, it's easy to see why all the men in this film swoon over her. Francois (Pio Marmai), her equally beautiful husband, is the first, but is quickly dispatched in a tragic accident - there's no room for perfect Parisian couples here.

Drowning in her grief, Natalie retreats from the world, pouring all her energy into her job. Her smitten boss (Bruno Todeschini) tries hard to seduce her, but she rejects his advances. Then, in the film's one and only unpredictable act, a gangly, plain, Swedish giant with a lovely sense of humour and a heart of gold catches her eye. Much to the amazement of their colleagues and friends the two strike up a friendship, and Natalie gradually begins to live her life again.


Tautou is adorable, alluring and a touch dreamy, but it's Francois Damiens as Markus the Swede who makes this comedy interesting. It's an unlikely romance, and Damiens does a lovely and understated job of convincing both Natalie and us that Markus isn't out of her league.

Though Delicacy has some moments of great sadness and genuine sweetness, it offers few surprises. It delivers the familiar whimsical tone of French romantic comedy and the considerable charm of its leading lady. For many of us that will be just enough.

Stars: 3/5
Cast: Audrey Tautou, Francois Damiens
Director: David and Stephane Foenkinos
Running time: 110 mins
Rating: M (Contains offensive language)
Verdict: A light, sweet French rom-com