The side project of Fleet Foxes' members Christian Wargo (the main songwriter here) and Casey Wescott is spare, delicate, and occasionally a little quirky, as opposed to the pastoral folk grandeur of Fleet Foxes, though tracks such as Anyplace and Widow on this, at times, beautiful five-track EP recall the Foxes with their wistful, soaring vocal serenades.

However, they have never before come up with anything as purely poppy as People in Her Hand, a jaunty tune that sounds like the bearded folkies have taken off to the seaside for a songwriting day.

The standout is Once Before, a ghostly tune like a coming together of the Chills and Phoenix Foundation, but Poor Moon has a long way to go to have the same enchanting power of their main band.

Still, one for Foxes' fans to check out nevertheless.


Stars: 3/5

Listen to the entire EP:

- TimeOut