Toad of Toad Hall is selling his manor house and moving to Wellywood.

He and his friends Mole, Ratty and Mr Badger are set to be the new stars of New Zealand's film industry, with a $30 million Wind in the Willows film scheduled to begin shooting later this year.

It is expected to be eligible for a subsidy from the New Zealand Film Commission that could reach $4.5m.

The film will feature actors with digital animation, with Sir Peter Jackson's Weta Workshop creating life-like robots.

The film is being made by American producer Ray Griggs, with funding from private investors.

Sarah Cull, head of business affairs at the Film Commission, said she had met Griggs to discuss his interest in shooting in New Zealand.

She said the Wind and the Willows was likely to qualify for a 15 per cent grant from the commission, because it would incur costs above $15m on goods and services provided in New Zealand.

The Film Commission has not yet received an application from Griggs as this process does not begin until after the money is spent, Cull added.