Ancient Maori knew a thing or two about beating the mid-winter blues. The rising of the Matariki star cluster this week is a time to re-energise you and your family's five pillars of rongoa (wellbeing).

* Kai (food): Matariki is a time to plan for the year. Share a Matariki mid-winter feast with family and friends to revisit New Year's resolutions, set new goals and brainstorm fun ideas for the summer ahead.

* Whenua (environment): Reconnect with Aotearoa's natural beauty. Pick a fine day and go for a bush walk, sign up for tree planting or fly a kite.

* Wai (water): Do a little research on the Maori fishing and tides calendar and take the kids out to catch fresh kaimoana (seafood).


* Whare (home): Make your home a sanctuary with a backyard vegetable planting day, get creative with home-made Matariki-inspired art or get the kids to help you redecorate a room.

* Waka (travel): The stars helped ancient Maori navigate to new and exciting places. Grab friends and family and pick a new park or beach to explore.

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