A wander through the streets of Palmerston North revealed that everyone is upbeat about having a weekend in Level 2.

"I've had four kids at home, practically on my own. So I am pretty darn glad. They're pretty stoked to be out. And it was a bit weird going out at first because I kind of felt like I was going to get in trouble, and I was doing a naughty thing, but now we're out, it's great," said one person out and about.

Another youngster added: "Not really any positives, I've kind of just sat in my room and been lazy, but I think that's what most teenage boys have done."

"The weather is good, we're level two, and the dogs are allowed off their leads," said a third person.


And shopkeepers were especially happy.

"Wonderful feeling, it's like the sun is flooding into the store. People are coming to say hello. We're waving, everybody's happy. It's just great," said one.

"As a business owner it's really tough, yeah, cause, you know, we still have to cover all our expenses."

"It's a mission making sure we're complying with all the rules, but it is really nice to
see people out and about."

Spare a thought for foreigners who are now heading back home to countries still in more severe lockdowns.

"It's a pity we're having to go back really", said a British couple enjoying sitting in a cafe. "We're going back into the UK which is not in the same position as it is here."

And now that it's over, people are able to put level 4 Lockdown into perspective.

"You kind of took for granted the time that you spent with loved ones, so now that we're all together, we're like, 'Oh man, okay, we got to do this all the time'," commented one person.


"I just want to hug my mum."

- Video footage supplied by Palmerston North City Council.

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