Lulu L'Amour is now with a herd of horses and has a special friend in Cloud.

After 20 months alone in a paddock with no shelter and only water from a muddy wetland bog, Lulu has a new home with fresh running water, and two interested stallions on the other side of the fence. The interest is mutual — for a moment — and then she kicks her hind legs in a display of either rejection or disinterest.

Lulu and her friend cloud.
Lulu and her friend cloud.

I'm told the stallions will have to be moved when Lulu comes into season. For almost a year during my daily commute to and from Palmerston North I saw her, and every day she played on my mind.

On Monday morning I awoke and my thoughts were of Lulu along the road from my home.
I drove past the paddock where she lived all those months and the feeling of woe was still with me. It will go. I've also received emails from women who visited her.


One said at her last visit with treats she vowed to Lulu she will come often. I'm delighted to reply with the wonderful news of Lulu L'Amour in love with Cloud at her new home, and a tall macrocarpa under which she shelters from the sun and wind.