The customer who booked a council party venue for a non-alcohol event could face charges and fines after police found hundreds of intoxicated, underage partygoers there, Auckland Council says.

Graham Bodman, the Council's arts community and events manager, said the booking for an 18th birthday function at the Takapuna War Memorial Hall on November 3 was made online.

"When filling out the online booking form the customer advised that neither food, nor alcohol would be served at the event," Bodman said.

"This was confirmed by the customer when they were inducted on-site on the day of the event."


However, when staff checked on the event again later in the evening, they were concerned by the age of those present and the consumption of alcohol and informed the police.

When police arrived, they found a large group of underaged partygoers and up to 200 intoxicated.

Nine people were arrested after partygoers turned on police, Waitemata police said on Facebook.

Bodman said a police and council investigation is underway and it is likely that charges will follow under the Sale of Liquor Act relating to allowing the consumption of alcohol by persons under 18 years.

"We are extremely disappointed that one of the council's community venues was used for the irresponsible consumption of alcohol," Bodman said.

Damage to the hall was mostly superficial, consisting of smashed bottles and graffiti.

"We are still awaiting a final report from police," Bodman added.

"The customer will be charged penalty fees to cover costs."

Police said areas of Takapuna CBD had to be shut down for over an hour as police attempted to retain order that night.

"Police were confronted with up to 200 intoxicated persons, many underaged who turned on police," the post said.

Police said the incident highlighted the ongoing ramifications that a single poor decision can have.

"You are responsible for not only your old child, but the welfare of every other child or young person that attends the event," it said.

Adults organising such events could be charged if the party got out of control and underaged people were found drunk - whether or not alcohol was supplied or brought by the young people, the post added.