ANA SAMWAYS talks to opinionated Channel Z host Martyn Bradbury, aka Bomber, about the debut of his brand of truly independent news - C4 talk show "Dissident TV".

Age: 30

Status: Pathologically single.

Education: School of hard bloody knocks dammit! And a BA in English and Philosophy.


Favourite film? Soooooooo many - Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Princess Bride and The Never Ending Story ...

Favourite music? SOAD, Rage Against the Machine, Propaghandi and Simon & Garfunkle.

Down time? Trying to publish a book of my poetry next year, also on the Board of Trustees for Youthline.

Play sport? Does chess count?

Is it nice to be in the newspaper, but not in the letters to the editors page?

Hahahaha, I don't know why people always complain about me ...

No, I mean you write a few "outraged of Grey Lynn" letters ...

Sometime you just have to say 'Oi, you, no!'.

Where were you three years ago on Sept 11?

My friend woke me up just after the first plane hit and we watched the BBC coverage live. We were saying how weird it was that a plane could crash into the tower because it's a no-fly zone, when the second plane crashed. We knew it was a terrorist act then.

How did you get your nickname?

An editor at the [Auckland] University magazine Craccum just nicknamed me one day 'Bomber Bradbury' and the bloody thing just stuck! Even my mother calls me Bomber.

Do you think the FBI have a file on you?

God, I hope not, I have lots of phone sex and I'd never be able to look my dear old mother in the eye if they were ever recorded and leaked!

I thought that was because of your nickname, not your perversions.

Maybe it's both.

In a nutshell, what can we expect from Dissident TV's September 11 special?

Well, I really think there has not been any real discussion on issues like - where did Osama come from? Most New Zealanders would be shocked to find out the guy was given CIA backing and money during America's secret war in Afghanistan. If you want to stop terrorism, you could start by not funding it!

It's a series, what's the next episode about?

C4 will be looking to see how well it gets received (ie - will the US embassy do their nut and ask me to be arrested?). If I survive the first episode I'll get back to you.

Did you get any NZ On Air dosh?

Not a bloody cent - staggering, huh? $450,000 for NZ Idol and not a cent for asking questions. Maybe if we sing the answers and I got a stupid haircut I could shake 'em down for some dollars.

Have you had any complaints made about you to broadcasting standards?

If I had a dollar for every complaint I receive, I could fund my own bloody show! Some people get bothered about the way I say something, as opposed to what it is I'm actually saying, so I don't really bother about those people - they tend to stick to ZM anyway.

Do you still wear all those chains hanging off your jeans?

Are you hitting on me?

I'm a working mother over 30, so no. Who was your best interview with?

Wow, so many - we've been having a season of interviews on Channel Z talkback to celebrate my seven years of doing it and some of the people have been incredible - Barbara Victor, going inside the world of female Palestinian suicide bombers, Morgan Spurlock, director of Supersize Me, Steven Strasser, editor of the 9/11 report, Nixon's lawyer during the Watergate scandal on why Bush is worse than Nixon. I think the people you interview are appreciative to talk with someone who has done their homework.

What was your worst?

Honestly? It was with Tony Ryall three elections ago where I ended up just yelling at him and telling him he was a cold-hearted prick.