"Worlds within worlds" is the theme of the fourth Auckland Writers and Readers Festival, and what an international fiesta it promises to be, with guests from at least eight countries attending, as well as New Zealanders from a number of cultural corners.

We bring you not only our inimitable New Zealand authors with their richly mined experiences, but also the dissident, lively, contentious and bewitching voices of authors from all around the world, many living within one culture while drawing sustenance from another, the organisers explain.

The final list of international guests looks like this:


Australia: David Leser, Kim Mahood, Les Murray. Canada (but born India): Anita Rau Badami. France (but born China): Dai Sijie. Israel (but born Iraq): Ronny Someck. Australia (but born Jordan): Norma Khouri. Britain: Antony Beevor, Iain Banks, Linda Grant, William Dalrymple. Britain (but born Sierra Leone): Aminatta Forna. United States: Rick Moody, Jonathan Franzen, Annie Proulx.

The Auckland Writers and Readers Festival programme will be available from early next month, and tickets go on sale April 5.

The New Zealand Herald is a sponsor of the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival.