A frustrated shopper has hit out at being "dictated to and belittled" after sharing a snap online showing her puppy sitting in a trolley while visiting Bunnings in Australia.

The woman shared the image to a Facebook group showing Georgie, a 16-week-old pup, visiting the Aussie hardware giant for the first time.

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"Off for her first visit to Bunnings this morning," she wrote.


However, within minutes hundreds flooded the post to criticise the woman for not having a proper arrangement for her pup and to remark trolleys "were for kids".

"At least use a dog bed or something, I love dogs but trolleys are for kids in my opinion, not dogs," said one person.

Another added: "I always take my girl but I always put the windscreen shade in the trolley so she's more comfortable."

One joked: "Dogs in Bunnings is the worst idea. I'm minding my own business, trying to shop for work and I have to stop and just admire and swoon over all the adorable puppers lol. I don't get anything done."

Bunnings' dog rule, which is noted on their website, state dogs are allowed in the store; however, they must be carried, sit in a trolley or be on a lead or muzzled.

In a follow-up post, the woman said she was shocked at how rude the comments were and explained the photo was taken before the shopping trip had begun.

"Just to clarify something, the puppy was put in the trolley to see if she would be okay going in the trolley with no problems," she wrote.

Commenters were quick to judge, saying that trolleys were just for kids. Photo / Facebook
Commenters were quick to judge, saying that trolleys were just for kids. Photo / Facebook

"Photo taken and then a towel my daughter brought with her was then put down on top of the trolley. Shopping then began."


She closed her missive saying "thank you to certain people" who thought it in "their interest to dictate and belittle me".

It's not the first time a debate has erupted over trolleys, with one mum recently revealing she was "told off" by a shopper for having her children in the front of a Coles trolley.

Taking to Facebook, the mum said she was told that it was "illegal" for her two children to sit in the front of the trolley.

Commenters on the post said they didn't think the mum had breached any laws; however, they were concerned the trolley could topple because of the extra weight.

"Probably not illegal, but also not a wise idea because of the potential risk of the trolley falling if the weight becomes unbalanced as the kids move," said one.

A Kidsafe New South Wales spokesperson told news.com.au previously that transporting children in trolleys wasn't illegal – but safety was a potential problem.


"Parents need to make a judgment call around the size or age of a child they place in the front section of the trolley, along with the use of seatbelts," they said.