A New Zealand beauty blogger has been blasted online after sharing a "housewife hair" tutorial to help viewers attract their "dream husband" β€” but she insists it was just a joke.

Earlier this month, Sally Jo, who now lives in Australia, shared a video titled "Housewife hair tutorial, attract your dream husband!" on her popular YouTube channel.

Promoting her video on her Instagram account, Sally wrote: "After many requests I finally filmed a vid on my 'housewife' hair soft, bouncy curls."

During the video, she shows viewers how to create barrel curls before gently brushing them out.


"It's like with each brush you get a new potential husband because they are just so bouncy," she quips.

But after she showed viewers how to make her "signature" soft bouncy hair with "wifey curls", they were not happy with the "bad message" the blogger was sending to her fans.

"Title of this video … girl you trying to take us back 50 years? I clicked on this video hoping you were taking the piss with that title," one person commented.

Another said: "Sad you're an inspiration to young girls everywhere and your title has two references to being a housewife and doing your hair to attract a man.

"I'm a genuine fan of you and I'm your age. But disappointed with your title. Why not.. "Hair tutorial-Attract your self-esteem … something …"

Agreeing, another wrote: "What the hell is that video title? Do your hair certain way to please men and attract a husband? Great that you're teaching your young audience this. Pff."

Jo later responded to critics, explaining that the title of the video was a "joke".

"Hey guys just want to point out that the title is a joke, I forget not everyone is as sarcastic as me," she wrote.


"My subbies /followers from Instagram have had a running joke for a while now about how I do 'housewife hair', I definitely didn't mean to offend anyone!"